a quick hello

Apr 7, 2020 00:00 · 162 words · 1 minute read personal

After more dedicated hours than I would like to admit, my website is finally up and running! A huge thank you to the blogdown package which made this process as painless as possible. I have been lining up ideas for blogposts for a year, I’m glad I finally found the time to create the site to host them all. I’ve always had a love of writing, so transitioning those skills to my personal website should be lots of fun.

I am super excited to use this website to share my various thoughts, ideas, opinions, and projects with the amazing #rstats community. I’ve really delved into R this last year and it’s been such a fun journey. I’m hoping to use this website to track my learning progress and share a little bit about myself in the process.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter to get to know me a little better.

My name exists on a website now! So cool!